Friday, 21 September 2012

Chemical Reactivity Reflections

For my first unit of science in school, we have been working on Chemical Reactions, elements and the periodic table. This unit has taught me many things including balancing equations so that you can be sure to follow law of conservation of mass. Drawing atoms, using protons, neutrons and electrons and many vocabulary words which I now have noted in my 'quizlet' page. These three things I have learnt now provide me with a wider knowledge on chemistry and will with my future. I am 100% positive that now I will never forget how to balance out an equation! I enjoyed this unit because of the labs we were able to do in partners they were all really good fun and provided us with a lot of freedom as we were allowed to do them ourselves. I am still hoping to be able to understand more on exothermic and endothermic reactions as we only briefly covered this topic, but I am sure that I will know a lot more about them soon.

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