Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Feedback on English class :P

In this English class I have learnt many things including new use of words. New ways to make your creative writing better. How to change things in your writing and how to pick out the best parts of what you are writing (sifting for gold). This class is also fun because I
enjoy many things within the lesson. I love the freedom of being able to sit wherever you want to so that you can get into the writing mode. I also love how we are allowed to listen to music, which for me helps me with my work and engages me in what I am doing. I also love our discussions as a table. Even though we are a bit shy right now, hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to all speak up happily about our writing and share great ideas. Something that maybe I would change about this english class is
I wish that maybe we could have a fun day or something like that where we all play games with english. Such as starting a story each with different sentences and bringing them al together that would be FUN!


  1. Ellen, I really liked your blog post and I agree that I hope we will (at the discussion table) loosen up a bit more and be less shy! :)

    1. Thx Maud, yes that is my main concern but I am sure that in time we will feel free around the table and trust each other.

  2. I hope that with time the table will loosen up as people gain confidence and we build trust. How do you think we can help people do that?

    I like the idea of games and chilling out at times too. Just trying to get system set up right now, but you are right we need more downtime, that is not always so intense.

  3. Love your blog so far! :) And yeah just like Maud said we can really work on the discussion bit!