Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Book

The Horse Whisperer

The book that I am reading right now is called 'The Horse Whisperer'. From what I have read so far the book is about two young girls who really enjoy horse-riding and decide to go out on a ride together. However, they choose to journey out onto another path and something goes terribly wrong. I choose this book not only because I LOVE horses but also because my mum would not stop telling me about how good it was and how much I would love it so I had to try it out. I think that this book will turn out to be extremely interesting and exciting. I really hope that I enjoy this story because, from what I have read it seems like a fantastic novel. My most favorite part of the book so far is the suspense on the horse ride the girls are on. This is because from the language and description the writer uses I can already picture something horrible happening and that really draws me into the book and makes me want to read on. The only problems that I can think of occurring is that most of the amazing action has already occurred in the first few pages, I really hope that the rest of the book will live up to the amazing start and have a wonderful finish. 

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