Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My POV Final

It is early Monday morning I am sat in the backseat of my car feeling nervous and excited at the same time. My body is shaking with anticipation as we drive up the long hill heading towards the stables. I will spend the next three days there.

Horses are soaring through the fields on either side, their long, golden manes flying in the wind, their hard hooves pounding hard against the floor. I gasp in amazement, how wonderful these horses are in a world of their own, its beautiful.

After we have been driving for about 2 two minutes we arrive at the big, old sign which is  standing up on a post which is positioned right in front of the sharp turn which leads into the stables.

My stomach is grumbling with fear and nerve, my hands are gripped at my side, beginning to sweat with fright. As we park the car I see my mum turn around and look at me, she is just as scared as me her eyes wide, and her face a pale white; like sheep’s fur on a cold winter’s day.

I take one deep breath and climb out of the car, my body is slouched over, my legs are shaking, I can’t understand why I am so nervous. I stumble over to the boot, my mum is now also climbing out of the car helping me with my gear, all my things are tight in my hands and I am now gulping in the  cold air.

The stench of horse manure and fur fills the air, loud voices can be heard as children run past chatting madly to their friends. I am scared but determined I will achieve. I am going to have a marvelous day.

My mum gives me a quick kiss and then jumps back into the car and soars off. I am by myself,my teeth are clenched tight together, I set off at a steady pace to the stable hut where I will need to sign in and register myself for a horse.

Horses eyes are scrutinizing me, looking me up and down as if they are judging me on appearance, their eyes are high up in the air in wonder. I speed up, my heart pounding out of my body, “ this is it” I tell myself as I take one last step.

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  1. So proud of you for sharing this. Takes guts to put yourself out there. Thank you for believing in trust.