Wednesday, 14 November 2012

TED talk - Vulnerability

Today in english class we watched a very interesting video about the power of vulnerability and how we can  overpass this anxiety of being not wanted. 

Here is a quick summary of the talk by Brene Brown:

Vulnerability is all about connection with society, shame, embarrassment and worthiness. As we look at different aspects of daily living and routines we seem to always focus on the non-achieving or bad resulting dramas. A report card; you have scored five 6's and one 4 automatically we will look at that 4 and tell ourselves that we have done so badly because we are so frustrated over one bad grade that we do not have the eyes to look at the other very good grades, in such a situation we need balance in our thinking. Shame and embarrassment , every person has a fear, whether it is public speaking, spiders or thunder. However, nearly everyone in this world is at one stage in their life embarrassed of what people might think of them, how people see them compared to others. If you are a confident person who is not afraid of what people think and you are able to let go of who you should be and become who you really are then you are able to truly embrace vulnerability. As many of you know vulnerability is the core to shame and fear.However, for those people who can truly embrace vulnerability and be challenged to overcome it, then vulnerability has a whole new meaning,that leads to the beginning of happiness and joy. Many people try to numb vulnerability, try to forget about it, try to forget about the vulnerable world you are living in with perhaps alcohol or other mindless routines. However, you can't only numb vulnerability because you are unable then to ever rise above your fears and you then loose happiness and goals in life. We all tell ourselves that I am not perfect, how will I ever find love no one will want me because I am not a super model or slime enough, or pretty. This is wrong many imperfect people become the most happiest people because they are able to accept who they are and not who they think they should be. Tell yourself that you are enough, start listening to yourself and think about your body first before others. Embrace vulnerability. 

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  1. So glad you got so much from this talk. I look forward to seeing how these lessons manifest here on your blog and at the table in class.