Monday, 4 February 2013

Expressing your thoughts on your blog

Blogging is about expressing ones self and emotions on the internet or throwing out your feelings and work for others to read. I believe that blogging is a very important aspect in the english curriculum, there are many things that children can write about on a blog whether it is an assigned homework piece or a brief update on how their day is going. Blogging is a useful way for children to gain a higher self - esteem, this is to say that many children in middle school are shy and do not wish to post their work on sites where all their classmates can see it. However, once they have a blog and are made to answer work questions on it they begin to forget about what others see and how people will react to their work. In my opinion blogging is a very useful way to connect with others online as well as improve your own writing by either practicing on your blog or looking at the different writing styles of others. Blogging is definitely needed in the english curriculum because by writing on the internet you are able to express your emotions and thoughts on your blog. 

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