Monday, 25 February 2013

What is the What?

What is the what is a very confusing and descriptive book describing a man's childhood and how he grows up in the rough parts of Sudan. I don't really like this book because I find his childhood stories very long and quite tedious. However, unlike many other people I do enjoy the parts where he is in the US because it makes me want to know more about why the people are even there. Yes of course they are there to take his most valuable possessions because that is what thieves do,  but I just find it very interesting how he is describing the story and how the robbers walk into the house like they own it. I am struggling with the parts about the lost boys and how they walk for days together and have to go to sleep in the ruthless forest with hungry animals roaming around. I find these parts very boring because they go on forever and nothing exciting ever happens apart from the occasional death and the struggle to find food. Dave Eggers childhood stories do not draw me into the book and I am never dying to no more about the lost boys. For these reasons above I am only just able to keep up with the reading expectations, I find it very difficult to continue reading a book when I am not enjoying it and when I do not understand everything the author is talking about. I hope that book II will improve as I read deeper into it, if not then I am sure that I will begin to lose excitement in the entire book and find it very hard to keep up with the reading load.

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